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K-5 Campus Transfer Request

This request takes place YEARLY
The District shall consider intradistrict transfer requests or requests by employees,

The window for the 2024-25 transfer opportunity will be March 18 - April 12.

Residents moving into the District and employees hired after that date may be considered individually.

The District transfer committee, as designated by the Superintendent, may authorize the intradistrict transfer of a student upon written request by the parents with the understanding that transportation shall be provided by the parents. Projected class sizes, building enrollments, the demographic balance of each zone, dependability of parent transportation, District employment, family hardship, attendance of siblings, and permanence of request shall be considered with each request.

A student whose residence faces a street that is a boundary line may be granted a transfer request, and if a transfer is granted, transportation shall be provided.

The Superintendent may assign any student from one school facility or classroom within the District to another facility or classroom within the District if such transfer benefits the District or is needed to meet a student’s individualized needs. In such assignments, transportation may be provided.

Please contact the FISD administration building for additional information and required forms.