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Welcome to Friendswood Independent School District’s Dyslexia Webpage

This website is designed to share information with parents, guardians, students and others interested in dyslexia and Friendswood ISD’s dyslexia program.

Our Mission

The mission of Friendswood Independent School District’s dyslexia program is to properly identify students with dyslexia, deliver scientifically-based reading instruction, provide individualized classroom accommodations that mitigate the impact of dyslexia.  Through the provision of effective instruction and appropriate classroom accommodations, students will develop skills to achieve their maximum potential.

Our Philosophy

Children learn to read, write and spell in different ways and at different rates. High-quality, core classroom reading instruction should meet the needs of most students. Students who are not learning to read, write, and spell in spite of high-quality core classroom reading instruction will be provided specialized reading instruction through Friendswood’s Response to Intervention program.  The specialized reading program is a supplemental reading intervention that targets the specific needs of the students. If specialized reading intervention is unsuccessful in remediating the deficits in reading, the child may have a developmental reading disorder, such as dyslexia. Children with dyslexia need intensive intervention to succeed in school. Friendswood ISD offers the Dyslexia Intervention Program at each campus to those students who have been identified as having dyslexia.