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Boundary Zones

February 27, 2018

The FISD Board unanimously approved Option 1C Boundary Adjustment as recommended by the Boundary Committee for the 2018-2019 school year. Current 4th-grade students attending Windsong living in the areas rezoned to Bales in Option 1C will have the option to remain at Windsong for 5th-grade with the understanding transportation will not be provided and siblings in lower grades are not included.

Friendswood ISD is split into two elementary/intermediate zones.  The north zone serves Westwood and Bales, and the south zone serves Cline and Windsong.  Growth trends in Friendswood ISD show enrollment in the south zone to grow beyond optimal capacity for each of those buildings.

Several years ago, the third grade was split out in the south zone to provide more capacity at Cline; however, continued growth in the south zone has once again pushed the enrollment numbers above optimal capacity in both of the schools in the south zone.  Each year the district uses a formula to project enrollment for the upcoming year – a roll forward number that moves current students up one year and a projection that uses a historical growth factor from one grade to the next. Demographic Update Slides.  Both of these show the south zone, Cline specifically, growing beyond optimal capacity, while the north zone is nearly 350 students under optimal capacity.   

To address this issue, the district hired a demographer, Population and Survey Analytics (PASA), to review the demographics of FISD and project enrollment for the next ten years.  PASA presented the results of the study to the Trustees during the November meeting. 

The study shows all of the future growth in FISD will take place in the south end of the south zone.  The north zone shows little to no growth in the next ten years as it has basically been built out.

At a Board workshop at the end of November, the Board directed the superintendent to provide a recommendation for a boundary adjustment that would address the projected growth of students in the south zone through the 2020 – 2021 school year.  To do so, a committee made up of community members nominated by each elementary and intermediate campus principal, campus administrators, and district administrators has been organized to consider the PASA report and possible scenarios to bring more students into the north zone that is far under capacity. To plan for long term growth projections, a facility plan to meet the district needs through 2027 is being developed.

A timeline for the study and recommendation has been created Boundary Timeline.   The timeline includes several opportunities for public review and input of the work being considered.  As this process moves forward, information will be provided in an effort to keep you informed.