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Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election

Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election

Tomorrow is the last week for early voting, and with Friendswood ISD’s Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE) on the ballot, I want to highlight how important your vote is for the future of our school district.

Voting in this election, as well as in all future ones, is not only your right but also a responsibility that directly impacts your child's education, as well as the broader landscape of public education in our state. Friendswood has a rich history of supporting public education, and it is our belief that for the future success of the community of Friendswood, that must continue.   

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for all of us to participate, to be informed about the election and its impact on FISD, and to encourage others to do the same.   The FISD website contains information about the VATRE election, a video to help understand the issue, and also FAQs that may be helpful. Please vote and encourage others to do so.  

What is a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election?
State law requires that school districts seek voter approval to raise their maintenance and operations (M&O) tax rate above a prescribed amount. The election is called a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE). Friendswood ISD’s tax rate will be the lowest in the past 40 years.

How does FISD benefit from a VATRE?
Passage of the VATRE will result in a nearly $1.2 million increase in funding for the District while decreasing the total tax rate by .1294 cents. The District uses these funds for teacher and staff salaries, safety, books and classroom supplies, utilities, educational resources, custodial, insurance, and other items that help educate your child daily.

If the VATRE passes:
Passage of Prop A by the voters will decrease the total tax rate by $0.1294 cents, save taxpayers an average of $693.66 in their tax bill and increase local revenue for Friendswood ISD. Approval of this tax rate would maximize school district funding by $1.2 million. This would mean smaller class sizes, more resources for teachers, and more opportunities for your child to succeed.

If the VATRE fails:
Failure of Prop A by the voters will reduce the tax rate by 0.0576 cents, saving $926.43 on the annual average taxpayer bill. The total tax rate would be $1.0224 and will not generate any additional funding for FISD. This could mean larger class sizes, fewer resources for teachers, and fewer opportunities for your child to succeed.

Election Dates and Voting Locations:
Early voting is from October 23 – November 3, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

First Baptist Friendswood 202 Heritage Dr, Room 56 Friendswood, TX 77546

Village on the Park 400 E. Parkwood Town Hall Friendswood, TX 77546

The Harbor 2821 W. Parkwood Ave. Harbor Rm 2 Friendswood, TX 77546

For more information on the VATRE, please visit

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we can ensure that our schools have the resources they need to provide our children with the best possible education.