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Taylor Pond - Chicken Soup for FISD

Taylor Pond - Chicken Soup for FISD
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Y’all, I’m excited. If you know me, that’s probably not surprising. I’ve been told I have big golden retriever energy. I’m Taylor from the Technology Department, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting me, then consider this an introduction:

In early 2022 I spent all of my free time looking for a job to escape being an electrician. I used to work at an insurance company but was laid off when COVID hit. I tried my hand at electrical, but after a year and one too many shocks, I fled to the job market. As we all know, finding a job at that time was ROUGH! I had a couple of interviews and some offers but none of those jobs really felt like where I wanted to be. I decided to try to look into working for a school and maybe subbing. I was hesitant because my family has experience in education, but I had nothing. My mother was a teacher, and my dad was on the CCISD school board, but I can’t really put that on a resume. I applied for my current position and, luckily, my boss took a chance on me, and I went from an accountant to an electrician to an administrative assistant. Even more luckily, now my kids get to attend FISD.

My kids are going to start attending FISD next year and that’s electrifying (no pun intended!) This is going to be the first year that they’re all going to be in school and they are PUMPED! My son is excited because this school is going to have different books. I swear, that boy has read every book in his current elementary school. My middle daughter already attends the Little Mustangs Pre-school and loves every minute of it. My youngest is just happy to be included in anything. This was one of the reasons I wanted to work here. My children will have possibilities that they wouldn’t be able to get at other districts. Plus, I can spy on them all the time. As I have grown in this position and met more of you guys I have confidence that this was the right decision.


- Taylor Pond, Technology Administrative Assistant

Pond children
Taylor Pond