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Social-Emotional Learning in FISD

Social-Emotional Learning in FISD

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has become an increasingly important focus in schools across the country, and Friendswood ISD is no exception. SEL is the process through which students learn to manage their emotions, build positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. It is an essential aspect of education that helps students succeed both academically and socially.

FISD has recognized the importance of SEL and has implemented several initiatives to promote it. One of these initiatives is character education, which focuses on building positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and integrity. Character education helps students develop a moral compass and make ethical decisions throughout their lives.

Character education is integrated into the curriculum across all grade levels, and students are encouraged to practice positive character traits both in and out of school. FISD also provides training for teachers and staff to help them incorporate SEL into their classroom instruction and create a positive learning environment.

FISD’s commitment to SEL and character building is reflected in the positive outcomes seen in its students. These outcomes are not only beneficial for the individual student but also contribute to a positive school culture and community.

In FISD's latest A Peek Inside video, we take you inside a 6th-grade ELA class at Friendswood Junior High where you can see for yourself the implementation of SEL and character-building in FISD's classrooms.