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Sarah Pike - Chicken Soup for FISD

Sarah Pike - Chicken Soup for FISD
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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


As a little girl, I loved to play school. I would line my dolls up around my parents' bedroom, set up my desk on a TV tray, teach class and record grades in my pretend gradebook. I even made my little sister sit in my class a time or two.


Years later I found myself at Texas A&M University not really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. After changing majors at the end of my freshman year, I landed in the business school and I wasn’t looking back. In my spare time as a college student, I was a member of a volunteer community service organization and I always found myself seeking out opportunities to volunteer at local elementary schools. I also took a course on children’s literature as one of my electives which I loved. The signs that I had the heart of an educator were already there but I was just a kid and couldn’t quite see it.


Some more years later I found myself attending Parent Orientation night at Cline Elementary for my daughter. I remember walking into the warm, inviting first-grade classroom and thinking to myself, “Her teacher is SO lucky to get to come shape the minds of these precious children every day,” and I could tell the teacher thought so too. From that moment forward, God was at work in me and I was listening. One year later I left my job in Corporate America to pursue a journey as an educator. Four years later, I was setting up my third-grade classroom at Cline Elementary and it felt like coming home. It was a dream come true to drive to school with my two sons every day and teach children in our home community.


I have had so many opportunities to grow and learn as an educator in FISD. Before coming here I taught in a neighboring district and was privileged to learn so much from working with a math coach. I thought to myself that I might enjoy working alongside teachers as a coach one day down the road. Little did I know at that time that FISD would one day have math coaches too. It is a gift for me to now serve as a math coach at Windsong Intermediate where I can collaborate with teachers to realize their goals for their students and pursue my passion for education.


It has also been a joy to watch my own children grow in FISD schools. Each of my three children is very different yet they are finding opportunities to nurture their unique interests and talents at our schools. I am so grateful for this foundation being laid in their lives and for the amazing teachers and staff who pour into them daily.


As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that each day is truly a gift and God’s plans are always bigger than mine. I don’t pretend to know what lies ahead on my journey but I do know FISD is a place where dreams come true.


-Sarah Pike, Windsong Math Coach


Sarah Pike and family