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Niki Rhodes - Chicken Soup for FISD

Niki Rhodes - Chicken Soup for FISD
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May is the most anticipated month of the school year, and for good reason - it's a time filled with many celebrations. We have a week of appreciation for dedicated teachers and staff. We have events that celebrate the hardworking FISD Education Foundation, PTOs, parents, and community supporters who generously give their time, resources and unwavering support to our school community. We honor the achievements of our students with banquets and awards ceremonies.

What I consider the grand finale, the celebration of all celebrations is GRADUATION! They made it! Crossing the finish line after enduring every high and low, nothing symbolizes the culmination of each individual’s journey like the ceremony of graduation. As a school board member, it is an honor to shake the hand of every graduate as they cross the stage, a moment I cherish dearly. This year’s ceremony will be extra special for me as I will be watching my son, Brady, take the stage along with 480 of his classmates.

When I talk to seniors, I always ask them, “What is next for you?” The paths have all been different and exciting. From going off to school thousands of miles away to staying home while attending community college to going into the military to getting a full-time job, there are so many unique paths. No matter where life takes them next, my hope is that they carry with them the love and support of the FISD community.

To our graduating seniors, I say BRAVO! The future is full of possibilities, and I have no doubt that the class of 2023 will leave its mark on the world. All roads lead to the future and yours is indeed bright!

-Niki Rhodes, FISD Board Member

niki rhodes and son Brady