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Inside FISD: The Parent's Window into FISD's Instructional Priorities

Inside FISD: The Parent's Window into FISD's Instructional Priorities

We are thrilled to announce the return of the FISD Focus Team for the 2023-2024 school year, following last year’s launch of the program. This dynamic team comprises fresh faces, all sharing a common goal – to provide firsthand insights into Friendswood ISD's instructional priorities. The mission is to connect parents with the heart of our educational system by offering an insider's view of our classrooms and the chance to engage with our dedicated FISD staff, including teachers, coaches, and administrators.


Over the course of the school year, the Focus Team will meet four times, each session concentrating on specific areas of instruction. These sessions are scheduled for the following dates: September 26, November 15, February 15, and April 2.


The agenda for these sessions is packed with enriching experiences, including visits to FISD campuses and classrooms. These visits offer parents an unparalleled insight into the remarkable education given to students in FISD.


The Focus Team will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of FISD's instructional priorities. This means not just hearing about them, but witnessing them in action. They will engage directly with teachers and students, gaining a deeper understanding of the instructional programs that make FISD exceptional.


Stay tuned for updates and reports from the Focus Team as they embark on their mission to provide you with an insider's view of FISD's instructional priorities. Together, we can make FISD even more extraordinary.