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Friendswood High School Graduates 485 in the Class of 2023

Friendswood High School Graduates 485 in the Class of 2023

Friendswood High School (FHS) proudly announced the successful graduation of its exceptional class of 2023 during a memorable ceremony held at Grace Church. With a total of 485 graduates, the event marked a significant milestone in the lives of these accomplished students.

Under the leadership of the class officers, the graduating class of 2023 displayed outstanding commitment and dedication throughout their academic journey. Asiya Siddiqi served as the class president, supported by Aidan Armand as the vice president and Brynli Campbell as the treasurer. Together, they demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, fostering a spirit of unity and excellence among their peers.

The graduation class Valedictorian is Ganesh Venu, with Salutatorian Asiya Siddiqi.

The class of 2023 embraced a distinctive identity, with their class color chosen as thistle, a pale shade of purple. Their chosen class flower, wisteria, represents good luck and success, characteristics that are undoubtedly reflected in the remarkable achievements of these graduates.

Throughout their time at FHS, the class of 2023 found inspiration in their selected class song, "Party Rock Anthem," which added a touch of energy and celebration to their high school experience. Guided by the wisdom of Dr. Seuss, their class motto, "Kid, you'll move mountains," served as a constant reminder of their limitless potential and the heights they could reach.

Mallory Migl and Matthew Dupuis received the American Legion Girl/Boy administrative awards for possessing high qualities of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service. Janelle Wilson and Alberto Archundia received girl and boy outstanding athlete. Gabriella McGregor, Arden Hill, Chloe Cravens and Connor Adams received the I Dare You Award: I Dare You To Be A Leader: Think Tall, Stand Tall, Smile Tall and Live Tall. Friendswood High School Representatives were Ava Black, TASSP Teens Serving Texas, and Maryam Faisal, TASSP All-State Academic and Scholastic Excellence. 

Seven students from this senior class will be joining the military next year. Joining the United States Army is Isaac Rodriguez Alvarez. Matthew Dupuis and Andrew Rubio will attend The United States Military Academy at West Point. Carolyn Rodriguez-Alva will be joining the United States Navy. Attending the United States Coast Guard Academy is Manon Murphy. Colin Niemeier is joining the United States Coast Guard and Ethan Eberhardt is joining the United States Air Force.

FHS's administration, faculty, and staff take immense pride in the accomplishments of the graduating class of 2023. The commitment and perseverance exhibited by these graduates have undoubtedly prepared them for a successful future filled with endless possibilities.

As these graduates move forward, Friendswood High School extends its warmest congratulations to each member of the class of 2023. The invaluable contributions made by these students will forever shape the school's legacy and serve as an inspiration to future generations.

All graduation preparations are under the direction of FHS Principal Mark Griffon.

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