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Board Meeting Audience Participation

Things to know: 

– Sign up by filling out the audience participation form and turning it in to the Secretary, Superintendent or Board President.

– Presentations must be less than 3 minutes.

– The Board will listen to your comments and may ask clarifying questions but will not deliberate on any subject not included on the agenda.

– Should there be a speaker who has registered to speak to multiple topics, the Board President shall direct the speaker to consolidate his or her comments for which he or she has registered, and the speaker shall be given a total of three minutes to make his or her consolidated comments.

– Complaints naming individual students shall be referred to the applicable complaint procedure and shall not be heard during the public comment period.

– The presiding officer may interrupt or terminate an individual’s presentation in order to determine if the matter has been addressed through the proper resolution channels, if it exceeds three minutes, if it involves a complaint about a specific student or if the presentation is repetitive, abusive, obscene or irrelevant.

* Special Meetings and Board workshops may be called when necessary.