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Bus route numbers and bus stops are online at or call 281-482-6025. The Friendswood ISD Transportation Department supports the District's educational mission by providing safe, positive, orderly, timely and efficient professional transportation services. The accomplishment of this mission requires the assistance and teamwork of the driver, students, parents and school personnel. The school bus is an extension of the classroom and students shall maintain the same discipline as they would in class. Please review the BASIC BUS RIDER RULES below with your student. For questions or concerns please call the Transportation Department at 281-482-6025.

  1. Students should be at their designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. If late, the student should return home and NEVER chase the bus.
  2. Students will only be picked up and/or dropped off at the designated bus stop at or near their residence, or a grandparent's residence.
  3. Students are to sit in the seat assigned by the bus driver.
  4. Students may use cell phones and other electronic devices on the bus as long as no filming or photography is done, and as long as no distraction is created with the device.
  5. Walk as you load and unload the bus.
  6. Once on the bus, remain seated facing forward. No standing while the bus is in motion.
  7. Talk quietly with students close to you. Yelling across the bus will be a distraction to the driver.
  8. Keep all body parts inside the bus. Do not lean out of or stick your head or arms out of the windows.
  9. Keep your hands to yourself. No horseplay will be tolerated.
  10. Do not throw anything.
  11. Food, drinks and gum are not allowed on the bus.
  12. Should you be required to cross the street, always cross in front of the bus only after being directed to do so by the driver.
  13. Always obey the driver.