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Dean Lewis
fax 996-2501

Michelle Summers
Assistant Director

Marisa Robinson

Brant Perry
Driver/Route Supervisor

Leatha Groomes
Driver Trainer/Safety Coordinator

Susan Bradley
Field Trip Coordinator

1. How do I know if my child is eligible for transportation?
Most students residing in their school zone are eligible for bus transportation from and to their designated bus stop at or near their residence, grandparent residence within the school zone.

2. Where can I find a copy of the school bus rider rules?
A copy of the School Bus Rider Rules can be found in your student’s handbook.

3. If I have a question or concern, who should I contact?
At the top of the page, you will find a link to contact us here at transportation with our e-mail. You may also return to the districts home page to link to each individual campus.


Bus routes and schedules are continuing to be worked and will continue to be worked during the first two weeks of school. Routes and schedules are not be the same as last year there are some changes to the distance to walk to reach a stop, times and route numbers.

Minor changes will be communicated to the schools and the bus drivers will notify students on the routes. Bus drivers may not have the same routes as last year and there will be some new drivers.

Questions should be referred either to the appropriate school or the Transportation Department at 281-482-6025. Friendswood ISD Transportation web site Bus Routes

– 43 School Bus Drivers 
–  6 School Bus Monitors
– 32 Regular Education Routes 
–  7 Special Needs Routes


The transportation department maintains and operates a fleet of 50 school buses that range from 19-72 passengers and is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all Maintenance and Operations vehicles and grounds equipment.


Registration is required before your child can ride the school bus. Once registered, these are the ways to find out which bus route your student will be riding:

  1. Check your buses information in your child skyward,
  2. Visit the new online bus route page .. or
    b. Contact the school .. or
    c. Call the FISD Transportation Department at 281-482-6025.

You will be registered to a Bus Route once you complete the online form.  Your bus information should show up in your child skyward account within 48 hours. The bus route number is a white number located inside the loading door of the bus.  Bus numbers are not used because different busses may be used during the school year.


Picking up kindergarten students on routes:
1. Parent/Guardian or another authorized person (i.e.: family member, nanny) is to be at bus stop to see student get on the bus.
2. Students are to be at bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives. Drivers will let students and parents know of the time of pick-up for that particular stop.

Dropping off kindergarten students on routes:
1. The parent/guardian must provide written documentation to the Transportation Department if the kindergartner is allowed to get off the bus with another authorized person (e.g. sibling, child care provider).
2. Either the parent/guardian or authorized person must be at the bus stop to get the kindergartner off the bus.
3. If neither the parent/guardian nor authorized person is no one at the bus stop to get the kindergartner off the bus, then the driver will take the student back to the school.

The parent/guardian is responsible for either being at the bus stop or having an authorized person at the bus stop for the kindergartner pick up and the drop off.
Bus drivers are responsible for seating kindergartners within the first ten seats. This should be done for each kindergartner who rides alone. Those riding with siblings may sit with the sibling.