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People Helping People for Lifelong Learning in the Friendswood Community since 1975.

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About Community Education

Friendswood ISD Community Education offers three sessions of education: fall, spring, and summer. Classes are typically one hour after school. Students go from their homeroom teacher straight to their Community Ed class, and the student is picked up at the conclusion of the class. Being a resident in Friendswood I.S.D. is not required to either take or teach our classes. The fall and spring sessions serve children and adults of all ages. The summer session is typically held during the month of June and serves school age youths through weekly daytime programs at Friendswood Junior High.
The goal of FISD’s Community Education Department is to offer a variety of classes and skills to students who are not just a part of Friendswood ISD, but a part of the Friendswood community at large. We hope to make these students feel included, understood, heard and loved while offering them fun learning opportunities.


If you need to cancel and can give 24 hour notice, you will receive a full refund for the class. 

Once a class has begun, no refunds are offered unless there are extenuating circumstances out of your control, please contact Kody Shepherd if this is the case.

Are you interested in teaching? Do you have a talent, skill or knowledge you’d like to share? We’re always interested in new ideas and would like to offer classes. Our goal is to bring people together who want to share learning experiences with one another.