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S2 Ep. 15 - The Final Episode of The Podcast Season 2: A Conversation with Superintendent Thad J. Roher on Education, Leadership, and FISD Updates. Join us as we discuss the latest developments in FISD, including a bond update, evidence-based learning, mental health support, and hear the answers to some of the questions you asked.

S2 Ep. 14 - Friendswood High School Valedictorian Ganesh Venu and Salutatorian Asiya Siddiqi sat down with us to discuss what it takes to be on top, moving beyond academics and sharing their incredible hearts for family and people which has motivated them to be where they are today.

S2 Ep. 13 - We sat down with the most highly recruited Texas high school football coach, Jordan Johnson, now serving as AD and head coach of the Friendswood High School Mustangs. We talked about everything football with a sprinkle of fun topics like pleated pants and befriending crows. This is a must-listen!

S2 Ep. 12 - Brian and Melissa Smith sat with us to discuss parenting with technology, their love of music, and what family time looks like as educators. In addition, you will want to hear how Brian involved Melissa's JH Choir students to ask for her hand in marriage.

S2 Ep. 11 - Wranglerette Director Alyssa Goza sat down with us to discuss what it takes to be a Wrangler, the real-world lessons she ties into her teaching, tips on preparing young ones to be Wranglers and what's coming up for their team. We love her heart and fully believe she is exactly where she belongs! 

S2 Ep. 10 - We sat down for the second time with student-turned-coach Jared Yawn. Y'all - his heart is absolutely pure gold. We discuss finding the balance between being a friend and a coach, discovering your purpose and what it's like to work with junior high students. This is one you don't want to miss!

S2 Ep. 9 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with sisters Dr. Stacy Guzzetta and Amy Tallman for an informative and super fun conversation. Learn about the new academic calendar, zoning, special education and icks...that's right, icks (the ones they have for each other). Will they think it's funny? Will feelings be hurt? Listen to find out!

S2 Ep. 8 - We sat down with FHS Head Basketball Coaches Christian Thompson and Caleb Marburger to hear all about their love for coaching and the expectations they have for their players.

S2 Ep. 7 - Meet the newest member of the FISD School Board of Trustees Beau Egert. He is a businessman, husband, father of three, community leader and all-around dynamic person. Listen to his fascinating views on the future of education, leaping into discomfort and the value of failure.

S2 Ep. 6 - We sat down with 2022 Elementary Teacher of the Year Carolyn Lowe. Her heart for her special education students (and all students, really) shines as she discusses the key ingredients for what makes a great teacher. She also talks about American Girl Doll Parties and The Avengers. What does that have to do with FISD, you ask? Listen to find out!

S2 Ep. 5 - Friendswood High School Student Resource Officer (SRO) Jason Ives sat down with us to discuss how he works to keep students safe and establish positive relationships with students and staff. This man has a heart of gold!

S2 Ep. 4 - We sat down with Friendswood High School Principal Mark Griffon to discuss traditions, Homecoming and what it's like to be the principal of THE #1 High School on the Planet!

S2 Ep. 2 - FISD Deputy Superintendent Lauren Ambeau sits down with us to discuss all things Standards-Based Learning and Grading. As with any change, there have been some questions, and she is here to help answer them!

S2 Ep. 2 - Join us as we talk about risk with the Most Interesting Man in the World, Ricardo Torres. FHS Spanish Teacher and first Latin American to summit Mount Everest and to complete the double version of the Seven Summits. 

S2 Ep. 1 - Superintendent Thad Roher welcomes everyone back to Friendswood ISD. Hear about our recent celebrations, Teaching and Learning highlights, Safety, and Bond Updates now.

S1 Ep. 15 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with FHS senior Jared Yawn - member of FFA and football, FHS hype man and the king of engaging with FISD's social media! Jared offers a unique perspective on making the most of the high school experience and shared what he has learned throughout the process.

S1 Ep. 14 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz take advantage of a free counseling session with FHS Student Support and Social-Emotional Learning Counselor Abygail Kinard. Listen and learn about  Casel 5 SEL Competencies, what is happening in FISD for Mental Health Month, and get some free potentially life-changing parental advice. 

S1 Ep. 13 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with FHS's beloved Assistant Principal Paul Tucker and substitute Milton Brock to discuss life and their servant's hearts. Your heart will be full listening to these incredible men tell stories, give advice and share hope for students' futures.

S1 Ep. 12 - Kelsey Golz sits down with Friendswood High School Athletic Trainers Blake Lapier and Melissa Jack to discuss all things athletic training. They combat stereotypes about what it means to be an AT, discuss how they got started in the field, cover hot-topics like concussions, give advice to parents and athletes, plus more! This is a very informative episode that is a must-listen!

S1 Ep. 11 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with themselves and talk about all things FISD Communications. Join in on the chaos and get insight into how crazy minds work ...or sometimes don't. Need advice? We didn't think so, but Dayna and Kelsey give it anyway. 

S1 Ep. 10 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with FISD Superintendent Thad Roher to discuss the 2022-23 academic calendar, COVID protocol updates, bond updates, standards-based learning and grading, the first-ever FISD Service Day, the new safety system and hint at a new exciting secret! 

S1 Ep. 9 - Friends Ashley Adair, Executive Director of Education Foundation and FEF President Molly Crow join The Podcast as we talk all things Education Foundation. 

S1 Ep. 8 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with Windsong's mother-daughter duo Julie and Bella Leggio. Julie has been teaching for 30 years while her daughter Bella is navigating her first year of teaching as one of the first hires from FISD's Ready, Set, Teach program. 

S1 Ep. 7 - Meet Melissa Victorick. FHS SpeechTeacher, PALS Sponsor and Coordinator, Fine Arts Team leader, lover of students, and long-time A&M football season ticket holder.  This lady will warm your heart and give you the confidence to speak in public. What else does anyone need?

S1 Ep. 6 - Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with Friendswood High School coaches Sarah Paulk, Robert Koopmann and Daron Scott. 

S1 Ep. 5 - FHS Instructional Coach (Comfort Crusher) Karen Hillier talks about what students need to be engaged and helping teachers discover how to help students think, create, and discover their own learning.

S1 Ep. 4 - Talking to Westwood Elementary School's Assistant Principal Lee Whitlock. Learn more about who he is, coming to kindergarten, what parents need to know, Team Whitlock, family, social media and the power of words, and the refusal to answer random questions (listen to understand - ha!).

S1 Ep. 3 - Two FHS teachers, Corey Truman and Melissa Stephenson, discuss their vision behind History and English coming together to help students find their voice, discover family ancestry and embrace the beliefs that make them who they are as juniors in high school.

S1 Ep. 2 -Dayna Owen and Kelsey Golz sit down with Friendswood ISD Board of Trustees member Laura Seifert for a candid conversation about diving into discomfort, being a mom and wife, faith, dancing, junior high perms, and much more! We're excited to give you a little more insight into the heart of someone who makes big decisions about the students and staff of FISD. 

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S1 Ep. 1 - Superintendent Thad Roher kicks off FISD's first podcast, sharing timely back-to-school information such as Bond Construction, Tax Rate developments,  Health Protocols - masks, virtual school, and contact tracing; 2021-2022 initiatives - Standard Based Learning, Instructional Coaches, and Upcoming Events!