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Campus Contacts:

Margo Hoskins - Cline & Windsong

Tammy Bock- FJH

Alyssa Dillon - Westwood & Bales

Delaney Lyon - FHS

District Contact:

Dr. Stacy Guzzetta

English as a second language

The Friendswood Independent School District has an English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students who are not proficient with the English Language. Referrals may be made by contacting the ESL program office at 281-996-6618.

The Friendswood Independent School District is committed to serving the needs of all identified limited English proficient (LEP) students through the English as a Second Language Program. The ESL Program is designed to promote cognitive development and academic achievement as well as develop fluency in English, develop a positive self-concept, promote cross-cultural understanding, and provide equal opportunity for academic achievement and mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

ESL instruction is based on the immersion model with ESL services by a certified ESL teacher. State adopted ESL texts and a wealth of materials and resources are used to address the needs of LEP students.

Inglés Como Segundo Idioma

El Friendswood Independent School District administra un programa de Inglés como Segundo Idioma para estudiantes que no son fluidos en el idioma Ingles. Favor de referir candidatos al teléfono 281-996-6618.